Sensitive Feet

What Causes Sensitive Feet?

In each of your feet and both of your ankles, there are over 20 different bones, over 30 different joints and hundreds of muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Is it any wonder that foot pain is common?

sensitive feet

The feet are responsible for carrying around the body’s mass.  The weight of the body should be balanced between the two feet, but many people have one leg longer than the other, feet that angle out or in, flat feet, high arches and other problems that cause an imbalance in weight distribution.

Is it any wonder that injury among athletes and the general public is so common?

Many serious conditions have a negative effect on the health of the feet.  Diabetes is one example.  Diabetics must take great care to avoid injury, keep their feet clean and wear appropriate shoes.  Otherwise, serious infections can occur.

As the feet are the support systems for the rest of the lower body, if they are not properly cared for, other problems can appear.  Those include pain in the knees, hips and lower back.  So, caring for your feet should be of utmost importance to you.

How to Treat Sensitive Feet

Number one is to treat them gently and buy products designed specifically for any condition that you suffer from.  For example, if you suffer from diabetes, buy socks and shoes specifically designed for diabetics.

Since seams can cause irritation, buy seam-free socks.  They may cost a little more initially, but they last longer and for the comfort, they are worth it.

Make sure that any shoes you wear are sensibly designed.  If you must wear dress shoes on a regular basis and you have sensitive feet, switch off to low-heeled, softer designs during breaks.  Ideally, you should limit wearing high heels for special occasions, if at all.

Silicone insoles are the latest thing for preventing sore, tired and aching feet.  Foot Smart’s 3-D men’s and women’s silicone insoles are recommended by podiatrists.  They cushion the feet, without causing excess sweating or allergic reactions.

Consider buying “Wellness” shoes, the next time that you are ready for a new pair.  Wellness shoes have been designed using the latest scientific knowledge of how the feet and lower body work together.  They prevent rolling and improve posture.  They can even help tone your legs, particularly your calf muscles, which will help to prevent injury to the Achilles tendon and other parts of the foot and leg.

There are many solutions for sensitive feet.  Don’t suffer another day.

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